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Newport MCA Testing

Newport Families:

In April, our 3-5th grade students will take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment tests, which are known as the “MCAs.” The MCAs are an important tool used by the state of Minnesota to gauge the effectiveness of the instruction happening here at Newport. Students in grades 3-5 will take the test in math & reading. Fifth grade students will also take a science MCA test. All the MCA tests will be computer based.

The results of the tests will help us determine the needs of our school and help us in planning for next year. As always, we as a school staff have worked very hard to prepare the children for this year’s tests. 

We need your help in the following ways:

* Do not schedule doctor’s appointments or other appointments on the test dates. 

* Make sure children get lots of rest by going to bed early the night before the tests.

* Encourage children to “do their best” on the tests and to not get discouraged.

* See to it that your children eat a balanced breakfast the morning of the tests.

The dates of the MCA tests are:

Reading: 3/4/5 graders April 11th -April 14th, 2022

Math: 3/4/5 graders April 18th –April 22nd, 2022

Science: 5th graders April 28th, 2022