Kindergarten Media Websites

         Staying Safe on the Bus (reads it on SB)

         5 Senses (Play together at Smart Board)

         My Five Senses (Play together @ SB)

         Senses (Play together at Smart Board)

             Learn Your ABC's (watch together first)

             ABC Order (play together at Smart Board)

             Numbers 1-10 (watch together first)

             Counting Fish (play together at SB)


         October after MEA

         Bees and Honey (first time in lab)

         Fish Alive (if they get done with bees)

         October end of month

         Make a Pumpkin (click and drag)

         Pumpkin Carving (carve shapes)


         Elmo's Fire Safety Game (second lab)




         Fuzz Bugs (count, sort, compare)

         Fuzz Bugs Patterns


         Celebrate! (read this to them first)

         D.W.'s Dress Up (play this second)



         Snowman Builder (Crayola)


         Make a Christmas Tree (click and drag) 

         Make a Gingerbread House (click and drag)

         Make a Snowman (ABCya)


         February Dental Health 


        Valentine's Day Puzzle (click and drag)

        Counting Hearts (dots and tally marks)

        100th Day of School

         Visit the Dentist with Marty


         100th Day of School

         Numerical Order (together @ SB)

         100 Hunt

         100 Number Chart 

         Skip Count by Fives

         Skip Counting by 5's to 100


        March Dr. Seuss

        One Fish Two Fish (matching)

        Cat in the Hat Games (together @ SB)


         Learn about Earth Day (read this to them)



         Math end of year

         Count Us In

        Smart Snack Orchard (matching)

        Ladybugs (use arrow keys)

        Oh the Places You'll Go (arrow keys)

        Counting Objects (Graphing)                         

         Numbers Maze (Headphones)

         After Star Lab

         Stargazers (together @ SB)

         Who's Missing? (first time together on SB)


         Nursery Rhymes


         Book Videos


         Nursery Rhymes (Headphones)

         Nursery Rhymes 2 (Headphones)


         Elmer the Elephant

         David McKee and Elmer

         Jeremy Draws a Monster

         Pigeon Presents Pals Leonardo

         Farm Field Trip   

         4-H Virtual Farm

         Oli Finds His Place In The Dirt




         End of School Year 

         Word BINGO (together at SB)