Kindergarten Media Websites

         Staying Safe on the Bus

         Elmo's Fire Safety Game

         ABC Order

         Learn Your ABC's

             My Colors

             Color Match

             What Color is it?


          Bees and Honey         


          Catch the Apple

       Make A Pumpkin

       Carve a Pumpkin

       Pumpkin Carving

 Leonardo the Terrible Monster

 Pigeon Presents Pals Leonardo

 Jeremy Draws a Monster

 Ladybugs (use arrow keys)


         David McKee and Elmer

         Elmer the Elephant

         Anytime Tales - Elmer


        D.W.'s Dress Up

        Make a Christmas Tree

        Snowman Builder

        Make a Snowman

        Make a Gingerbread House

         Fuzz Bugs

         Fuzz Bugs Patterns

         Valentine's Day Puzzle


  Visit the Dentist with Marty

  Open Wide and Trek Inside

        100 Hunt          Numerical Order

        Skip Counting by 5's to 100

        Mend the Number Square

        100 Number Chart

      Oh The Places You'll Go

        One Fish Two Fish

        Cat in the Hat Games



      Smart Snack Orchard    

      Take a Trip: Food Pyramid

      Take a Trip!


        Counting Hearts

        Counting Fish

        Fish Alive

     5 Senses          Easter Egg Fun!

        Catch the Shamrock

          Tic-Tac-Toe Leprechaun

  Treasure Hunt (Identify Coins)

     Coins for Candy    

     Money to Build a Robot

           Helpful Hints Planet Earth

           Learn About Earth Day


     Nursery Rhymes

     Nursery Rhymes 2

  Find One More

 Counting Objects


   Count Us In

   Skip Count by Fives




   Numbers Maze

   Miro on the Move


           What Comes Next?

           Who's Missing?               


   4-H Virtual Farm

   Oli Finds His Place In The Dirt



Numbers 1-10

Counting Hearts