2nd Grade Media Websites

     Spelling City      Thanksgiving Word Search

     Tween Tribune


     Christmas Word Search

     Valentine's Day Word Search

     States of Matter

     States of Matter (read first together)

     Fiction or Nonfiction

     Fiction or Nonfiction Practice

     States of Matter (read first on your own)   

     Changing State (play after reading)

      7 out of 10 or higher on Quiz to pass

     Gasses, Liquids, and Solids (play after reading)


     Fiction or Nonfiction Quiz (click on Play this game!)

     Fiction or Nonfiction Jeopardy (together on Smart Board)

     Research      Math Games
     Bats         Animal Facts     
                  100 Hunt 

     100 Hunt + 10

                    100 Hunt - 10
                        Mend the Number Square
          Give the Dog a Bone
     Frog Life Cycles                Frog Metamorphosis 

     Landforms & Bodies of Water                 


     Poetry Websites                                  

     Snakes and Ladders                          

     Dude's Dilemma                      

     Around the World in 80 Seconds                        

     Acrostic Poems

    Kids Magnetic Poetry Kit


     Food Pyramid

     My Pyramid Blast Off         


    Tell Time

     Dental Health Month          

     Seven Steps to a Bright Smile   

     Colgate Dental Health

     Healthy Teeth                        

     Taking Care of Your Teeth


    Peter Pig's Money Counter

     One Dollar Store